Friday, May 29, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daniel Arnold- When to Say Nothing

a man i know next to nothing about besides that we unknowingly spent one of the more special weekends i have ever had hidden amidst the shade of the mystical redwood forest of Big Sur, Daniel Arnold, has started up a new blog to witch he is going to be posting up his photography. i came across him when after returning home from the north. a friend had posted a link to a flickr profile, witch i later found out was his, filled with pictures of that weekend. i quickly became enveloped in them and what he captured. every frame had the same feeling that i had when i was there. its very rare that i take a photograph and then later show someone and feel like ive given them a sense of what it was like there. it always comes down to the cliché quotes "you just had to be there" or "this picture doesnt do it justice." well anyways i just wanted to share with you this new page so go check it out.
...thanks for sharing Daniel

photography page- When to Say Nothing