Friday, December 11, 2009

Sacrifice for Survival

"Today I went to the Climate Justice Fast press conference at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Anna Keenan and Sara Svensson who are around my age haven’t eaten any food in 33 days. Their skin is taught around their cheek bones and their skin has a washed out pale tone which shocked me. My friends are physically taking on the challenge of climate change. With their whole bodies they push our world leaders to change.

Their energy and calm radiance was enough to fill the room with a sense of spiritual inspiration. Their words brought new perspective as to the task they have taken on. And the task over 500 others have now taken on in solidarity. Read an excerpt from Sara’s speech to get an idea.

“We ask them [our world leaders] to be courageous, to look beyond what may be politically pragmatic and instead show real bold leadership. Take scientifically sound decisions with a long term interest of the world’s population and future generation in mind. Provide real outcomes right here and now without further delay.”

The light shaped their skeletal faces in a reminder of what people all over the world are experiencing. Hunger. Hunger as a result of the changing seasons, the inability to adapt to our erratic climate, and the international policy that still isn’t strong enough for our struggling global community. Ten children die each minute from starvation, this is only getting worse as we continue to delay.

“We ask our world leaders here to please not disappoint us. Our fast is a demonstration that people are ready for change. Give us the deal we need for survival. And, give us the political tools to transform our world. We are ready and we will.”"

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